Genmai Matcha Green Tea Bags (100 bags)

100 Tea Bags Without Box

Purchase 100 Genmai Matcha tea bags without the box and save 20%. Genmai Matcha tea bags have the same outstanding taste as the loose leaf teas. Genmai Matcha is a very tasty combination of Sencha, Genmai (toasted brown rice) and Matcha (high-quality tea leaf powder). The Genmai gives the Sencha tea a wholesome, nut-like flavor. The Matcha gives it a deep green color and very pleasing aroma. The pyramid-shape fine-mesh teabag makes brewing quick and easy. Each tea bag is individually packaged in a foil wrapper to insure freshness. Packed in a cellophane bag for convenient storage.

  • 100 bags per cellophane package
  • Each bag weighs 2.5 grams
  • Total of 250 grams (8.8 ounces)


About Luxury Pyramid-Shaped TeaBags

1.What kind of material is used to make the teabags?

  • The "Food" grade fine, nylon net fabric is specially designed so that Teabag tea tastes the same as your favorite loose leaf tea.
  • Our Tea bags is designed for easy-brew to make flavorful tea.
  • The nylon fabric material of our tea bags is very stable at both hot and cold temperatures and it does not react with or affect the flavor of the tea at all.
  • The nylon fabric is naturally occurring, made from polylactic acid derived from corn. 

2.What kind of tea leaves do you use in the Teabags?

  • We use the highest quality tea leaves are used in our Teabag items.
  • In order to brew a more flavorful tea, the leaves for all our Teabag teas are specially finished. Tea leaves in Tea bag is cut very small in order to be extracted more flavorfully and easily with a brighter water color.

3.What are the benefits of Teabag teas?

  • You can brew a flavorful cup of tea in your teacup without tea pot/Kyusu.
  • Easy to dispose. 
  • Convenient way to enjoy the excellent flavor of genuine Japanese Tea.

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